Satyrs' Pond Winery

We believe that the good life consists of fine wine, fine food and fine friends.

Formed in 2007, Satyrs' Pond Winery exists in the leafy green forest of imagination. To find the winery, take the footpath past sweet-scented coastal sage, spicy California bay laurels and towering redwood trees. Climb the hill, cross the stream. Keep going until deep in the forest’s most elemental quiet, you see a vast pond — the Satyrs’ Pond.

The water is a clear, deep green, still cool from the journey down the mountains in the distance. Lily pads float near the center and slow-moving trout slide gracefully just beneath the surface. On the far shore the forest opens up to a meadow filled with grapevines that stretch in orderly rows to the horizon, the hills undulating just beyond sight. Long ago in this very place, the world’s Satyrs tended these grapes. When the fruit was firm, the sugars sweet and the juices ready, they plucked the grapes for harvest.

If your imagination is good you might see the arbor on the far hill, blurred by time and distance. Wisteria and wild roses cover the structure so that it is simply a towering canopy of sweet-smelling blossoms. It is here that the Satyrs held their annual crush, a rite filled with drinking, dancing and raucous revelry that lasted for days on end. After the crush, the wine was stored in massive barrels, aged, blended and bottled according to ancient Satyr wisdom. The most discriminating Satyrs with the most refined palates guided this process.

Though most would say the Satyrs are gone, their traditions guide the winemaking for Satyrs’ Pond Winery. Should any modern day Satyrs or Satyrs-in-spirit sample our wines, they will be transported back to this forest and this pond, to a place and time when life’s pleasures were distilled into the enjoyment of fine wine, fine food and fine friends.