William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Nymphs and Satyr (1873)

Satyrs' Pond Winery Private Club

Satyrs' Pond Winery has re-created a far-distant time when a peaceful, agrarian existence was enhanced by the truly brilliant winemakers of the world - The Satyrs. Long before Napa Valley's bounty of fine wine grapes, long before the Europeans learned to ferment the fruit of the vine, Satyr winemakers fashioned wines that can only be imagined by today's wine connoisseurs - wines for Bacchus and his followers.

Satyrs' Pond Winery searches for the finest of wines. We bottle wines to be opened and shared, not hidden away. Our crisp, elegant whites and our lush, ruby reds can be enjoyed right now and our reds will cellar beautifully for years.

Satyrs’ Pond Winery is a members-only wine club. We provide case quantities of premium wine to our members.

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